More than the sum of our parts!

During our lives we gather experiences and knowledge and meet people that shape and influence us as individuals and these interactions make each of us unique, as we too add to the uniqueness of those that come into contact with us.

At ABMS we are no different. Yes I use the term ‘we’ because the firm is not just myself. During my career I have come into contact with many knowledgeable and experienced professionals across a range of services and disciplines and these contacts have contributed to me becoming a more well-rounded commercial accountant with a skillset that extends outside accountancy itself.

Some of these contacts I have worked with closely over many years and I have developed long-lasting ties with them and grown to trust their support and guidance. They make me better!

I consider these to be my strategic partners whom I can rely upon to offer and provide support to myself and clients in areas that I am not qualified or regulated to act within. These strategic partners are as much a part of ABMS as I am.

For more information about the additional support and services that ABMS can provide to the small business sector please visit our Partner Services page.

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