About ABMS

About ABMS


A Hands-On and Independent Consultancy Service Supporting YOUR Business

Angel Business Management Services (ABMS) is the trading style of Michael B Briggs, FFA/FIPA, FTA, an experienced Financial Accountant who passionately believes that small and medium sized business should have access to the same level of business support services that are normally only associated with larger businesses and larger bank accounts.

Established by Michael in 1999 as a small management consultancy, ABMS is a small Business Management Service created, with the support of the local Business Link and his primary employer, and with the aim to enable local SME’s to access his wide ranging skillset. The Angel identity is deeply personal to Michael and his Family – hence the abbreviation ABMS – gone but never forgotten!

With over thirty years hands-on experience in financial accounting and commercial management up to and including Board Level Financial Director, Michael has an acute understanding of how the different functions of the business interact with each other, helping them work together and leaving the ownership and senior management to concentrate on their primary purpose, to develop and establish a successful business.

We are more than the sum of our parts – Working Together for YOU!

ABMS is more than just Michael, and expands to include a network of  trusted external advisors that he can call upon to provide additional support and services where required in areas that are outside of his personal skillset or for which he is not qualified or regulated to provide. 

However, Michael’s primary objective is to build relationships and work with YOU and your existing business partners, to support you with a more balanced understanding of your business, and coordinating with these partners in areas of Commercial Finance, Financial Services, Pensions, Employment & Commercial Law, Human Resources, Auditing & Taxation, ICT and Insurances and enabling you to concentrate your efforts on growing your business rather than the administrative distractions of running your business.

I am not a ‘one stop shop’ nor do I profess to be, and if I am unable to meet Your needs myself, it is likely that I know someone who can.


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