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ABMS’ Flagship Service, “The Vision2020SME Initiative” has been designed specifically to recognise and support the operational needs of small & medium sized businesses as they are required, taking into account the cost and accessibility factors of both the business, ownership and the Consultant. This is a hands-on partnership between you and your Consultant to support you as you require it without the need for agreeing individual interventions and bringing more balance to your business. The Initiative is a 2-year, fixed term formal Agreement and includes discounted consultancy rates and conditional ‘pro-bono’ support to meet the needs of your business.

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Part-time & Virtual Financial Manager

Not all businesses can justify the appointment of a full-time senior financial manager to act as their Guardian in areas such as accounting, auditing, banking and similar general commercial disciplines and whose role it is to ensure that your business is fully under control so that you, as the owner, can be freed up to do what you do best. An “In-House” or Virtual Financial Manage can liaise with you and your external partners, represent your requirements in plain language and assist in coordinating and implementing solutions throughout your business to ensure that you have a clearer picture of your business to support your decision making process.

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General Business Consultancy

There are times when you or your business may require support on a one-off or ad-hoc basis to deal with planned changes, review and implement new processes or for those unforeseen developments that require the intervention of one or more external partners. These occasions can impact upon your business by taking you away from your core business activity and ABMS can support you with hands-on and cost effective support across a range of commercial disciplines, to help guide you through areas you are unfamiliar with and minimise the time you spend away from developing your core business activity. This support can be individually tailored on a fixed fee or time-spent basis to suit your needs.

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Simple & Cost Effective Fee Structure

Michael has a simple philosophy when it comes to fees. One reasonable and affordable hourly rate applicable to all the services he provides, notified at the outset and significantly ‘at odds’ with the mainstream!
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